ADOLFO: Cultivated Couturier by Michele Gerber – Editor: LICENCE MAGAZINE

adolfo019Michael Paltrowitz at Carino Inc., the licensee for men’s and women’s fragrances, says, “I bought the 25-year-old Adolfo Fragrance formula last year; I sell the classic 3.4 ounce Adolfo bottle to department stores and chains across the country and I’m constantly getting requests from new customers.

Requests like these are the reason I took the name. I wanted the strong consumer identity. I plan to expand to men’s and women’s sport fragrances this spring, followed by a new collection of cosmetics.

Says Bob Spector of men’s pant maker Jules Long, Inc., “The label is important to me because certain stores demand a designer. Women who do most of the shopping for their husbands immediately recognize Adolfo.”

Jules Long has used the Adolfo imprint for over 20 years, notes Spector. “For me the license is like a little endorsement of my product. It signals my customer that in fact I am making a better pant.”